Rachael Riley

About the Author

Rachael Riley is a mental health professional in the Federal Prison system. She is also an entrepreneur, a military veteran and domestic violence survivor. In the past she served as a mentor to abused single women living in shelters while on their journey to establishing a new healthy lifestyle.

This has been a dream come true for her and she reminds herself daily;

-I am worthy

-I will always have faith

-I will never give up


I Am Enough is a riveting story about strength and determination that will empower single parents with tools to strengthen their faith, increase their ability to set goals, and practice persistence. In this memoir, Rachael, walks readers through the adversities of a divorced mom, who overcomes struggles and challenges. She personifies resilience and is an inspiration to those who have lost hope along the way.

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I am Enough

Single parents sacrifice their hearts and souls providing for their families as they work through depression, shame, and guilt. At times, many of them wrestle with low self-esteem, homelessness, and hopelessness, and question their will to continue living a nightmare. It is never easy to raise children alone and even harder to build the resilience to move on. This book will empower you! Get ready for the ride!

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